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2020-02-13 - General, Meta

A GPG signed copy of this blog post can be found at

This isn’t a normal blog post, just a small info dump that I can easily direct people to later.

My XMPP Address is:

I use OMEMO, my identities are:


8174962e 85a7a6f5 c4494eec 5d0b9011 5b2cc917 35f15d92 5f8dc120 7b9fd332 (Phone)

e4c37f0b 7cbe6a36 002f94af bd65cd58 5262b4f2 33227d86 862e4766 215dcf26 (Main PC)

14F93A89 D20B1A58 DEEB4114 3846F8CF FEBA35CC 5F9A3564 A3D59E39 13B19C58 (Laptop, Manjaro)


31f37cc9 322a1641 4ecd51ae 7823d7d3 66a709dd cc1f044f eab20532 6b443c46 (Old Phone, should not be trusted past 2020-06-03)

I’m @LizzyTheSiren on Twitter
I’m and also
I’m LizzyTrickster on GitHub
I’m lizzytrickster on Keybase (you can also see the other sites I operate on there)
My OpenPGP key ID is 9598 33E8 1F02 6C6D

2020-06-03 -> Deprecated Old phone OMEMO code, added new phone and laptop OMEMO XMPP keys

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