A Decent Festive Holiday?

2019-02-15 - Trans-Stuff

(Yes, I know it’s now a month and a half since Christmas/Yule passed)

So this festive holiday started out with me and my dad just spending the 25th together but we later went to visit my sister and her boyfriends family (that was an interesting bike ride, heh).

In a previous post, I mentioned about how Mum’s-side-of-the-family get-togethers usually resulted in some dead-naming, so I was a little worried when I decided that I was going to wear the dress I had bought myself (pic below).
Surprisingly I only got dead-named once, which was on a little card that my Mum gave me with some money in it. Everything else (including the proper card I got from my Mum) had the right name on it and other than a few comments about the dress being a bit short (it was a little) everyone said I looked rather nice in it.

In the end I was glad I didn’t chicken out and revert back to jeans and one of my long-sleeve tops. It did give me a bit of a confidence boost. Sadly I can’t do that for all the family meet-ups because during the rest of the year, I usually need to get public transport to a “midpoint” where another family member will pick me up from.

Still… little steps,

Red-tartan plaid dress