Not Everything Is My Cup of Tea, and That’s Okay.

2021-05-19 - General

So recently I’d come across some selfies of people that at first I didn’t think looked good. I generally don’t voice my dislike for things openly anyway but it did make me feel a bit bad that I’d sorta mentally responded with “they’re not great looking”.
After that incident, I tried thinking something different when those sort of emotions would come up again. So now instead of “I don’t think they look good”, I’ve got myself in the habit of responding with “That’s not my cup of Tea”.

I’m not actually sure where the idea to use that phrase for that purpose came about, I know for sure that I didn’t come up with the phrase itself. I generally don’t like voicing negative opinions I have about something and I also don’t like it when others do the same or just do it to follow some form of trend. Mild constructive critisism is okay but just berating someone or giving them shit for things is just plain wrong.

I don’t actually know where I was going with this post, I guess I just wanted to update my blog again, perhaps getting back into some form of rythm.

General note: This post (along with others) was written / added to over a span of more than one sitting (sometimes months apart) so the flow of it might be a bit rough