Who am I?

2022-08-04 - General, Meta

I realised I should probably have a post introducing myself and serving as a link point to my other accounts elsewhere on the internet.

So Hi, I am Lizzy, a Transfemme DemiGirl Neko who has ADHD, lots of anxiety and many insecurities.
I mainly hang around Discord guilds that I have moderator / admin perms on, I’m quite shy and kinda shit at small talk.

My pronouns are She/Her or She/They.

Some noteworthy projects of mine:
– Evey ( ), my discord bot. Currently working on her re-write, once that’s done the site will have something on it.
– The website for the Relay of Regret. You can check it out here:
– A lot of unfinished, unreleased concept stuff, maybe they’ll see the light of day at some point.

Where you can find me:
– Fediverse:
Twitter: @LizzyTheSiren Deleted as of 2023-10-02 19:00 UTC
– Twitch: LiizziiVR
– Discord: liizzii
ChilloutVR: Liizzii (note, I’m minimally active in VR these days as I rarely have the motivation to actually get into VR)