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Who am I?
I realised I should probably have a post introducing myself and serving as a link point to my other accounts elsewhere on the internet. So Hi, I am Lizzy, [...]
Not Everything Is My Cup of Tea, and That’s Okay.
So recently I’d come across some selfies of people that at first I didn’t think looked good. I generally don’t voice my dislike for [...]
Updates and Things
Lack of updates I initially started this blog with the intent of keeping a diary of sorts and to give some insight as to what it’s like to be trans. [...]
[Short Story] The Alley
Foreword: This is a short story that I wrote in 2016. There may be some issues with grammar but overall it should be pretty reasonable. This was based on a [...]
New laptop!
R.I.P Orlin So on Thursday of last week, my former laptop (named Orlin, after one of the Ancients from the Stargate Franchise) died after a loose screw [...]
Future plans for my blog
So, now that my blog has moved to a more personal domain, I thought I’d lay out some of the plans I have for it (as well as the tags that they will [...]
A Decent Festive Holiday?
(Yes, I know it’s now a month and a half since Christmas/Yule passed) So this festive holiday started out with me and my dad just spending the 25th [...]
Struggle Of A Double Life
Recently I’ve realised that I’m sorta living a double-life.. There’s me at work, seemingly contempt with life (only cause I’m [...]
New Blog, who dis?
So, as I usually do with important stuff, instead of showering I set up this WordPress blog… Not sure what I’ll post on here yet, probably a [...]